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The Authors is a series produced by Phoenix Books that showcases the work of authors from Vermont and around the world.

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No Video Archer Mayor: Proof Positive, a Joe Gunther Novel

Join Archer Mayor for a discussion and book signing of his latest Joe Gunther novel, Proof Positive.Watch now »

An Evening of Poetry: Dave Dillon and Jody Gladding

Acclaimed Vermont poets David Dillon and Jody Gladding team up for a poetry reading.Watch now »

No Video Plain & Simply: A Memoir of Alzheimer's

Plainly & Simply is a straightforward, brave chronicle of one woman's courageous maneuvering around and through some of life's most overwhelming problems.

Finding support through journaling while struggling with her own life struggles, Young allows her readers into her world...Watch now »

Dr. David Landers: I Wish He'd Taught Me How to Shave

I Wish He'd Taught Me How to Shave is a compilation of "Dr. Dave's" reflections and students' essays from his popular Saint Michael's College gender studies course in Men and Masculinities. Landers distills into thematic chapters what he has learned from his decades-long career as a...Watch now »

No Video Sustainable Revolution

Sustainable Revolution features the work of a worldwide network of visionaries, including journalists, activists, indigenous leaders and permaculturists such as David Holmgren, Vandana Shiva, Charles Eisenstein, Starhawk, Erik Assadourian, Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, Albert Bates, and Geoff...Watch now »

Eve Schaub: A Year of No Sugar

In an age when sugar is continuously unmasked as a health villain, the Schaub family spent twelve months without added sugar of any sort: no fructose, no refined cane, no molasses, no honey, no maple syrup, no corn syrup-in an attempt to live healthier and better. Along the way, Eve Schaub...Watch now »

Nora Caron: New Dimensions of Being

In New Dimensions of Being, the sequel to Journey to the Heart, Lucina is haunted by terrible recurring nightmares. Unsure of what they represent, Teleo and her seek answers but the quest opens up many new areas of life Lucina is not certain she can cope with. Discovering that...Watch now »

Best of Burlington Writers Workshop 2014

Join the editors of The Best of the Burlington Writers Workshop 2014 for a reading of poetry and prose from this new anthology. The Burlington Writers Workshop offers free writing workshops, panel discussions, readings, and other opportunities for Vermont writers to...Watch now »

Baird Hersey: The Practice of Nada Yoga

Sharing his experiential understanding of the classic Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Baird Hersey offers precise, step-by-step instructions on how to find the inner sound of the nada. He explains the first three levels of sound--first, how to truly hear the ordinary sounds of the world around us (...Watch now »

No Video Second Annual Poetry Society of Vermont Reading

Join members of the Poetry Society of Vermont for the second annual PSOV Poetry Reading at Phoenix Books Burlington!

Founded in 1947, PSOV is an association of poets and supporters who join in promoting an interest in poetry through meetings, workshops, readings, contests, and...Watch now »