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At the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics, we integrate natural and social sciences to understand the interactions between people and nature and to help build a sustainable future.

We are a hub for transdisciplinary scholarship, based at the University of Vermont and comprising diverse faculty, students, and collaborators worldwide. Together we conduct research at the interface of ecological, social, and economic systems, develop creative, practical solutions to local and global environmental challenges, and provide future leaders with the tools and understanding necessary to navigate the transition to a sustainable society.


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Conservation on Coffee Landscapes

Gund Fellow, Ernesto Méndez, discusses his research on the potential of agroecology to support farmer livelihoods and conserve ecosystem services in agroforestry-dominated coffee landscapes. Ernesto's lab works in communities of smallholder coffee farmers across Mesoamerica to address and...Watch now »

Eric Zencey: Vermont GPI Project

Gund Research Fellow, Eric Zencey, discusses the Vermont GPI Project, which is working to compile an updated Genuine Progress Indicator for Vermont for implementation as an alternative policy and budgeting instrument in the state. Eric is also a Visiting Associate Professor of Historical and...Watch now »

Baltimore Ecosystem Study: Urban Ecology

Gund Graduate Student Fellow, Holli Howard, discusses her master thesis research on urban ecology, through the use of the Baltimore Ecosystem Study. She is working on developing a methodology to define the urban to metropolitan transition zone to strengthen ecological vulnerability planning....Watch now »

Richard Watts on "Public Meltdown: The Story of Vermont Yankee"

A peek at Richard Watts and his book Public Meltdown: The Story of the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant that examines the debate between the federal government, Entergy and the state of Vermont in the case of the Vermont Yankee Nuclear power...Watch now »

Ecosystem Services and Rural Livelihoods with Juan Alvez

Prairies...who knew they could be so much more than beautiful rolling hills and food for grazing livestock. Beyond what meets the eye, prairies are truly incredible, complex ecosystems that support a vast web of structures and functions for supporting healthy, strong environments.

With a...Watch now »

Transportation System Ecology

What is the ecology of transportation systems? How does the nature of road configuration across a landscape affect things like traffic congestion, land use, human health, and air quality?

Over recent years, transportation systems have been recognized as broader contexts for communities....Watch now »

Working Towards Sustainable & Integrative Solutions: Inside The Design Studio with Diane Gayer

In this video, we are invited into the world of the Service Learning - Community Design Studio course held at the University of Vermont. Gund Fellow, architect, & professor - Diane Elliott Gayer - introduces us to her teaching philosophies while simultaneously sharing core concepts of her...Watch now »

A Holistic Approach to Conservation in Africa: An Interview with Michel Masozera

Dr. Michel Masozera -- recent Gund Graduate Student Fellow and graduate of the doctoral program of the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources -- discusses his research at the interface of emerging infectious disease in East Africa. Michel is currently program staff for the...Watch now »

An Ecomimetic Approach to Mining Wastes: An Interview with Anthony McInnis

In the latest Gund Interview, Anthony McInnis -- Gund Graduate Student Fellow -- discusses his doctoral research on "An Ecomimetic Approach to Mining Wastes".Watch now »

Ecological Design in Appalachia: An Interview with Samir Doshi, Ph.D.

Samir Doshi, Gund Graduate Student Fellow, discusses his doctoral research on using an ecological design approach to landscape and economic restoration in Appalachia. Read more about Samir's work and that of the Gund Institute's Ecological Design program in ...Watch now »